Lu Parker | THE PATH
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We are all on a individual path in life. Where is yours going? Where have you been?


The Path with Lu Parker grew from my desire to share stories of people who are making change and inspiring us to be brave along the PATH of life. The concept is a work in progress but the first step begins with letting go. I recently trusted my gut and partnered with Maria Shriver and KTLA to showcase these interviews. Maria is a champion of life and has inspired me and many others to use our voices and talents to bring light to the world. Here’s to your own personal journey and to finding YOUR path. Enjoy!



Lu Parker and Architect of Change Russell Simmons on His New Wellness Studio

Lu Parker and Architect of Change Russell Simmons on His New Wellness Studio

I created The PATH with Lu Parker as a way to share stories of how certain individuals are making big ...
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Lu Parker with Lewis Howes

Lu Parker and Lewis Howes Discuss Creating a Clear Vision for Your Dreams

If you could wave a magic wand and have your dream come true, would you know what that dream looks ...
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Lu interviews Moby

Architects of Change Lu Parker & Moby Talk about The Path of Life

I have been intrigued by Moby for many years. I met him originally in 2014 at a vegan event in ...
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Who should Lu interview next? Email her here with your suggestion and tell us why. Thanks!